About Stratus Management

The formation of Stratus Management was the natural evolution of owning and operating an IT managed service provider business

B-Comp Services continues to thrive but over time the need to specialize on cloud migration and management became overwhelmingly apparent. Regardless of an appetite to migrate to the cloud it is important to accept no business, including our own, can fight gravity. Migrating workloads to the cloud is not only a critical tool necessary for a business to continue to grow and prosper but also is essential for those wishing to remain competitive.

Efforts made to migrate existing on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud are occurring at a rapid pace. We specialize and focus exclusively on migration and management of cloud workloads. Infrastructure migration and management is the market problem Stratus Management addresses both by providing industry leading migration services but also continuously improving and securing our customer’s environments.

Our Vision

Stratus Management collaborates with customers to discover their requirements and then we work backwards from there

Stratus Management adopts the obvious but lost philosophy of working to earn a customer’s business. Stratus wants your business. We pay attention to the industry, our competitors and their solution offerings, but first and foremost we obsess over our customer’s vision. The customer first provides the direction and only then can we work to achieve those goals.

We recognize a business can work for years to earn the trust of their customers all to lose that trust in minutes. This can happen in countless ways including data breach or not delivering what is promised. We work vigorously to both earn and then keep customer trust.

The customer is first and we keep our commitments without offering excuses. If you are tired of excuses please consider giving us an opportunity to earn your trust.


Always innovate, fight complacency and always provide the very best cloud migration and management services available. This process begins with understanding our customer requirements then flows to planning for security and availability, implementation and then continually manage the environment and monthly cost.


The skills necessary to successfully manage cloud workloads take years to achieve. Industry certifications validate our skills; however without experience we would be unable to operate with any measurable degree of success. Stratus Management also enjoys a partnership with an experienced MSP which allows us to offer support services outside of but tangentially related to your business successfully operating in the cloud.



Successfully migrating and operating your IT infrastructure in the cloud creates differentiation and provides a clear advantage between you and your competitors. In addition to our years of experience supporting many different types of business our availability is a key difference between us and our competitors.