Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

Image of cloud access from mobile device

One question often asked is whether we recommend Google over Microsoft for cloud email hosting. Instead of trying to develop a product review of all of the programs and services offered by either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 we thought we would focus on providing insight regarding migrating your company email to either service. As […]

Hosting email on premises vs. migrating to cloud hosted email services

Image of envelope on top of a cloud

For over 20 years Microsoft Exchange was arguably the best software to host your company email and collaboration suite. Both businesses and consultants like us invested countless hours and significant training resources on implementing and managing Exchange. It was a great environment which we formally would recommend to businesses without a second thought. As most […]

Operating in the cloud can help with Disaster Recovery

Image of hand reaching out to access cloud data

Disaster recovery can mean different things to different businesses. For example one business might prioritize returning to normal operations more quickly over any potential data loss. Conversely some businesses may prioritize data loss over the time it takes to restore normal operations of your systems. Obviously most businesses are going to hope recovery from an […]

10 reasons to migrate to the cloud according to ChatGPT

Image of the OpenAI Logo

One of the hottest trends today is to use ChatGPT to do everything from doing your homework to coding a website. We thought it might be interesting to see how ChatGPT would respond when asked for 10 reasons to migrate to either AWS, Azure or GCP. Because the answers likely come from the providers themselves […]

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