Our services

We specialize and focus exclusively on cloud migration and management of cloud workloads for businesses throughout the United States

Server Migration & Management

Migrate on-premises file storage, applications and databases to the cloud. Rather than over provision on-premises servers in order to address lifecycle requirements we recommend migrating to the cloud which allows you to purchase what you need and scale as necessary.

E-Mail Migration & Management

Securely and safely migrate email from on-premises servers to either Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-Suite without concerns of data loss and misconfiguration. Most businesses cannot provide the same level of security and redundancy which is offered by these vendors

Security is Always First

The days of implementing security after you design the solution are over. We provide insight as to how to design for security first rather than try to apply security after implementation. When operating in the cloud it is necessary to continuously monitor your security posture and adjust when necessary in order to address new threats.

Disaster Recovery

We not only implement disaster recovery plans for your business but we also analyze and practice disaster recovery. These ongoing efforts help us create and maintain playbooks outlining policies and procedures and importantly confirm your ability to meet recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Cost Management

Cost management and optimization does not end when the project is complete. Monthly spend and cost optimization is an ongoing concern and we are experts limiting the monthly spend so the invoice is no higher than what is required. The benefit of operating in the cloud is you only pay for what you use, provided you have the expertise and are continually monitoring and managing your environment.

New Technologies

The cloud is a fast moving space. Your company might consider implementing new services and features like secure access to data stores and perhaps the use of virtual desktops hosted in the cloud which will provide secure remote access regardless of the device from you which you obtain that access. We continually attend training and collaborate with our peers in an effort to ensure we are skilled with the newest methodologies and technologies.