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We provide consulting services assisting businesses with migrating basic workloads to complex applications to the cloud and provide management services for those workloads operating in the cloud.

Solutions Architect

We design solutions to migrate your workloads to the cloud.

We specialize and focus exclusively on cloud migration and management of cloud workloads for businesses throughout the United States. First we learn everything possible about your business as well as that of your customers so we can support the business outcomes required. Any solution needs to support evolution over time in response to changes in the landscape. In short we listen to you first, ask questions second and then after careful consideration provide our considered opinion.

We consider security the top priority and will require a high-level security focus for all recommended solutions which migrates any workload to the cloud. The days of implementing security after you design the solution are over and therefore we provide insight as to how to design for security first rather than try to implement security after migration. When operating in the cloud it is necessary to continuously monitor your security posture and adjust when necessary in order to address new threats.

Rather than over provision on-premises servers in order to address lifecycle requirements we help your business plan a migration to the cloud which allows you to purchase only what you need and scale up or down as necessary. Our experience allows us to help your business architect and implement your complex mission critical applications to the cloud.

Systems Operations

Our engineers have extensive expertise deploying, managing and operating workloads in the cloud.

Do you need expert advice regarding how to implement or manage a particular service or set of services in the cloud? Our operations team can help your business implement and operate your workload in the cloud.

For example Stratus can help your business migrate on-premises email servers, storage, file shares and disaster recovery to the cloud. We also help businesses migrate their on-premises applications and databases to the cloud. But we are not limited to only this small set of common tasks migrated to the cloud. We have implemented and managed a countless number of workloads.

It takes effort to design solutions that automatically recover from failure and scale horizontally across many resources rather than vertically on a single resource. Providing attestation of compliance to governance standards under which your business operates is only part of this process. Our SysOps team is enthusiastically ready to assist your business today.

Continuous Improvement

You must continually monitor your cloud environment and look for opportunities to improve both operations and cost.

Provide ongoing management of your environment which will make your business more efficient, productive and will provide your business an advantage over your competitors. The cloud is a fast moving space and as such your company might consider implementing new services and features such as secure access to data stores or perhaps the use of virtual desktops hosted in the cloud. We continually train and collaborate with our peers in an effort to ensure we are skilled with the newest methodologies and technologies. 

Reviewing your workload and configuration on a regular basis ensures you are taking advantage of the continually evolving technologies and actively monitoring your workload ensures you are aware of any deviance from expected performance so you can address those concerns in a timely manner. We not only implement disaster recovery plans for your business but we also analyze and practice disaster recovery. These ongoing efforts help us create and maintain playbooks outlining policies and procedures and importantly confirm your ability to meet recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Manage your monthly spend. Cost management and optimization does not end when the project is complete. Monthly spend and cost optimization is an ongoing concern and we are experts limiting the monthly spend so the invoice is no higher than what is required. The benefit of operating in the cloud is you only pay for what you use, provided you have the expertise and are continually monitoring and managing your environment.

IT Consulting

Sometimes a business requires assistance managing local IT resources.

The formation of Stratus Management was the natural evolution of owning and operating an IT managed service provider (MSP) business.  An MSP is a company that provides ongoing and proactive IT support to businesses. MSP service offerings often include a help desk where users can obtain assistance with their desktops, laptops and mobile devices when required.

Not every workload operating in the cloud is the same. One example is a application like a game that users access over the Internet. Obviously your ability to support such an application begins at the edge of the network of your cloud provider rather than on your customer’s individual devices. Conversely you may have the need to provide access to internal resources to your employees and internal customers. This is where an MSP enters the picture.

B-Comp Services is a successful MSP with many longterm customers and a very competitive flat-rate pricing structure. Often engaging an MSP like B-Comp can result in significant savings on your IT budget. If you need assistance managing your local networks and other IT resources such as connectivity to the cloud environment you are contemplating you might consider giving B-Comp a call.  

our process

Steps to move your workloads to the cloud

Initial Contact

We listen, learn and research your environment and workloads. We are only successful if we completely undersand your business and environment.


We engineer a secure solution, estimate costs and present our findings together with a working prototype whenever possible to leaders in your organization.


Implement approved components and test your cloud based workload. Coordinate with your team to go live when convenient to the organization.


Develop plans to respond to adversity, practice disaster recovery in order to ensure RTO/RPO are met and work to optimize the configuration and lower the cost.

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“In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve.” We help your business successfully migrate to the cloud by:


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